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Just a few of Ross’s past clients

Ross combined has helped save consumers millions of dollars

Every customer’s experience with 60 Day Money Miracle is unique and may vary from the testimonials we have received. But if you’ve had a great experience with our company shoot us an email and let us know how you feel. We certainly appreciate our customers and their patronage.

“I am really excited about everything I learned. I will pay off my debt in 7 years.”

– Tera, New Jersey

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– Nicole, New Jersey

“For the debt reduction using the lowest balance first – I can save 25 years of interest payments!”

– Cheri, New Jersey

“I will be debt free in 7 years”

– Jenn, New Jersey

A proven system to help you get debt free.

A financial plan can only work if you follow it. You bring the motivation, and we’ll help you achieve with jargon-free challenges and ongoing support.

A money management plan

Progress is personal (and it doesn’t happen overnight). I will help you set up a master money management plan. My students begin experiencing debt relief in the first 60 days.

Along with the 10 lessons you get weekly motivation and tips, to help you keep you financial goals.

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