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Ross W. Jardine is recognized as one of the leading educators on personal finance and investing in the world.  He was the co-founder of INVESTools, one of the largest investor education companies in the world that was acquired by TD Ameritrade in 2009 for just shy of a billion dollars.  For the past two decades he has travelled the world teaching people how to manage and invest their money.   Over one million people have attended his seminars or taken the courses created by his companies.  His companies have generated over $1 billion in gross product sales over that period of time.

He has been a featured speaker at hundreds of seminars and conferences in over 20 countries around the world.  He has also created dozens of live, video and written training programs that have been sold under the brand names of CNBC University, Business Week Investor Workshops, Success Magazine, Nightingale-Connant, OptionsXpress, TD Ameritrade and eBay as well as many others.

He is the founder of 4 multi-million dollar companies and has extensive experience in virtually every executive capacity in organizations ranging in size from start-ups to publicly traded companies valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars.  He has direct management experience in the areas of strategy, operations, sales and marketing as well as product development and fulfillment.  He has managed companies with hundreds of employees and multiple offices in locations around the globe.  He has negotiated deals and partnerships with numerous Fortune 500 companies.

He is the author of several books on personal finance and investing including The 60-Day Money Miracle, Build Wealth in Any Market, The Bear Market Game Plan, and Wall Street Alternatives.

In his latest book, The 60-Day Money Miracle, he provides a roadmap for individuals seeking to eliminate personal debt and build their wealth safely in these challenging economic times.  His proven approach is designed to help anyone increase their monthly cash flow and eliminate their debts quickly using just their current income.

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