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A plan for your debt freedom is key to becoming 100% free from debt. Our program is designed to help you put your plan into action. Get access now to our proven debt freedom system.

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The 60-Day Money Miracle is a proven system that will help you eliminate your debt faster than you ever though possible using your current income.  With a proven system, powerful tools to automate the process, and a skilled mentor to help you shorten the learning curve and avoid the common pitfalls, you can overcome your debt challenges. Total debt freedom is now within reach of anyone who is willing to follow some simple directions and apply these life-changing lessons.

This program was developed by America’s Money Mentor, Ross Jardine over nearly two decades of teaching people all over the world how to save, manage and make more money.  His system is described in his ground-breaking book, The 60-Day Money Miracle.  His 7-Steps to a Debt-Free Wealthy Life is the key to financial peace of mind.

By following these simple steps, you will quickly find yourself on the path to a better life with more money and less stress.  Every day you put off applying these powerful lessons is literally costing you money.  Get started today and experience your own financial Miracle in the next 60 days.

Getting Started

The single most important ingredient in your success is YOU!  This system is proven to work if you apply these lessons properly.  Being in the right place at the right time will do you no good unless you first see the opportunity and then take decisive action.

You’re in the right place at the right time – RIGHT NOW!  Do you see it?  Are you willing to do whatever it takes to change your financial life forever?  In the next 60 days you will learn the strategies that will help you create your own lifetime of financial success.

This program makes success as simple as 1-2-3 (Commit, Learn and Apply)

Ask yourself if what you are doing today is getting you closer to what you want to be tomorrow. 


If you’re tired of being in debt and feeling overwhelmed with money stress, you’re in the right place.  This will be the last debt program you ever need if you simply follow the 7 simple steps that Ross will teach you.  It’s a proven formula that has worked countless times.  Ross wants you to be his next success story.

The choices you’ve made have created the money challenges you’re now facing.  There is only one way to make them go away – make better choices!  Change and Sacrifice are two key parts of this process.  If you’re not totally committed to making the changes and temporary sacrifices necessary to get the results you want, you’re wasting your time.

Just like losing weight or getting in shape, you must be committed to following the program.  There will be challenges, but if you’re committed, you’ll be able to overcome them and stay on track to reach your goal of total debt freedom.


Let the master teacher, Ross Jardine, teach you these powerful life-changing money principles.  He has created financial training for some of the biggest names in the financial world, like CNBC, Business Week and several major brokerage firms.

He’s taken all the key tips and strategies you need to overcome your debt problems and broken them down into bite-size lessons so anyone with a desire to learn can understand them.  He masterfully uses simple examples and experiences to illustrate these key concepts in action in real-life situations that every adult will be able to relate to and learn from.

Simply put, there is no better way to learn how to get out of debt and build lasting wealth for you and your family.  Ross makes it both easy and fun to learn life’s most important money lessons so you don’t have to learn them in the school of hard knocks like most people.


Just hearing or reading something isn’t enough.  Real change comes through applying these powerful principles and lessons to your own life.  Results won’t come by accident or osmosis.  It takes action to alter your financial destiny.

Ross makes it easy to experience the powerful benefits of his 7-Step process with simple and fun activities and exercises.  You’ll learn by doing and you’ll see the results almost instantly. In your first few days and weeks you will see real results in the form of more money and less stress in your life.

When you experience the benefits of this powerful program you’ll be motivated to stay the course even if you encounter challenges, which you most certainly will.  But the confidence you’ve gained in your ability to make wise financial decisions will make those challenges nothing more than a speed bump on your road to success.

Make More Money

You can only cut your way so far.  Ross knows there’s more to success than just changing spending habits so he’s also going to show you how to make more money.   Once you right-size your spending, the only way to go faster is to make more money.

Ross has some ambitious goals to help as many families as possible eliminate their debt with his powerful book, training and tools.  But he can’t do it alone which is why he created the 60-Day Money Miracle Referral Program.  Everyone who participates in the 60-Day Money Miracle program is automatically enrolled for free and can earn extra money just by sharing the program with others.

Ross makes it easy to earn an extra $100, $200 or more each month simply by sharing this powerful program with others you know who struggle with money problems.  There’s never been an easier way to make money and help others solve their financial problems at the same time.  it’s a real win/win and best of all it’s totally FREE!



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